The Best Winter Flowers to Adorn Your Holiday Table

  • December 4, 2018

The snow might be flying and your guests might be donning their hats and gloves as they travel to your house. However, that doesn’t mean your home needs to be as barren and lifeless as the ground may seem. Make your home and table beautiful and festive this year with actual living winter plants.


Don’t just think June when it comes to roses. Red and white ones, particularly if they are accented with holly berries and pinecones, can make your décor say Ho ho ho.”


Miniature holly shrubs and wreaths can make your home look and smell terrific. Just don’t go to your local garden center with the intention of getting an entire holly tree; they can grow as high as 50 feet tall.


Do you want to spice things up at your party? Look no further than a mistletoe plant. It has been inspiring couples to kiss each other since Victorian times, so why not join in on the tradition?


You don’t need to always go with evergreens in order to spread the Christmas spirit; succulents can be just as festive. The Christmas cactus, sometimes known as the Thanksgiving cactus, usually hits the stores in November, making it the perfect decoration. The plant’s pads resemble leaves and produce red, white, pink or purple flowers that dress up this humble cactus quite nicely.


You can expect to see these flowers, enhanced by their silver foliage, every Christmas season. Although they are available in colors such as white, pink and purple, you can’t go wrong with the bright crimson varieties at this time of the year.


There is a myth out there claiming that orchids are impossible to grow and keep alive. In reality, all they require is moderate temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees and lots of light. As long as you follow these guidelines and keep them out of direct sunlight, you can expect to enjoy the beautiful flowers this winter-blooming beauty produces.


No list of holiday plants would be complete without the ubiquitous Christmas tree. Generally, varieties of evergreen such as Balsam, Douglas and Fraser firs are used. Your decoration choices are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination. If you want your holiday table to look extra festive, you can even buy tiny bonsai versions that can be strategically placed near your serving platters. Sure, you could purchase artificial varieties, but nothing says the holidays like the distinctive smell of fresh pine.

Now that you see how many beautiful, living options are available to grace your home and table this season, your interest to learn more might be piqued. As it happens, these are just a few of the many plants and flowers that you can enjoy year-round. One way to gain a direct appreciation for the bounty of nature is to join a flower of the month club. When you do, you will be treated to a stunning selection, with one delivered every 30 days. We can think of few better ways to connect with the earth while simultaneously manifesting beauty in your home.