All About Joseph Farzam Law Firm

  • March 7, 2018

Joseph Farzam’s law firm is truly a very successful litigation company that deals with a lot of practice areas. They help with everything from general and business litigation to intellectual property and employment law.

This law firm helps those people with lawsuits who are injured, treated wrong professionally or personally and those with whom injustice is done. These people are simply left without an advocate or a voice to get them the compensation that they legally deserve against the damage done to them in any way.

Being a renowned lawyer rightfully has won many cases in almost all the practice areas. Client care and a passion for helping are two things that are always kept as priorities by this firm. Based in Los Angeles, California; the law firm continues to grow everyday with increasing clients and increasing number of won cases.

Practice areas:

This firm deals with a wide variety of areas that come under the scope of general, business and personal litigations. The broad categories include personal injuries, employment law, auto accidents, intellectual property, business litigation and consumer protection. These further include a lot of subcategories within each category including car accidents, workplace injuries, cruise ship accidents, breach of contract, patent protection, class action lawsuit, etc. Copyright litigation is a major practice area that emphasizes on matters of copyright enforcement and licensing, copyright procurement as well as studies relating to royalty matters. There is also a free case evaluation facility provided by the firm wherein one can get some knowledge about their case by contacting the law firm and having a talk with the concerned persons.

Case results:

The Joseph Farzam law firm has already won many cases and millions of dollars for their past clients. They always do everything possible to help their clients in every way to get them their compensation for the damage caused. The case results reflect that they have won cases dealing with almost everything. There are many cases like the Priyanto v. Holland America Line case, Gullory v. Princess Cruise Lines case and the Fleeks v. Jones & Jones case where the firm has been successful in getting the right amount of compensation for their clients.


At this law firm founded by the lawyer Joseph Farzam, clients are always put first. They assure you that all your questions will be answered quickly and affective action will be taken to fight and win any case. Also, they provide a detailed and a complete explanation to the case that helps clients know better about what has to be done and how. The firm promises to do its best in helping clients get their rights and the compensation involved.

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