Tips for Catering on a Budget

  • January 1, 2017
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Many clients are usually interested in knowing how they can be able to save money on catering services without inevitably taking away the essence of the event. The apparent translation is that they would like to save money, but they would not want it to appear like they need to save the money.

Here are some of the fundamental tips for catering on a budget;

Determine and set a realistic budget

It is paramount to ensure that you decide on your range of budget. This tip is helpful; it saves your time, energy as well as your money. Jake from Anoush says to “decide and stick to the budget plan that you have set rather than adjusting it from time to time.” When you do this, you will have the assurance that eventually your event will be available and that you can carry out your shopping and make crucial decisions without any pressure. When you are honest with your budget, it will enable the catering professional to establish the best deal for you from the onset and eventually give you the best value for your money.

Manage the number of guests

It is also one of the essential tips for catering on a budget. There is absolutely no rule which stipulates that you have to accommodate everyone at your event. Changing the number of the final guest list at the last hour is detrimental because it will force you to either cater for additional charges or duplicate several elements. Avoid making last minute adjustments on your guest count. If probably you think that changes are likely to appear, consult your caterer to allow making contingency plans well in advance.

Purchase your beverages

Drinks can be costly especially when you have a considerable number of guest attending your event. When working within a tight budget, buy your drinks. Wines, beers, and other drinks are usually expensive at most catering centers. Look for suppliers or outlets that sell them at affordable rates and order from them. Nobody will notice the label. You can also create your mini self-bar. It will save you significant amount of money.

Skip the expensive elements

Many caterers will tell you that this is one of the top tips for catering on a budget. It will be substantial if you forgo some details that might include expensive ingredients, unique glassware and high-end venue for your event among others. Ensure that you keep the event simple but at the same time dazzling. Stay with the seasonal menu that is simply prepared. It will help you in saving more money than you would imagine.

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