Why Medical and Law Groups Still Use Text Transcription Companies

  • December 6, 2016

Nowadays anyone can use a speech to text program and get a ‘rough cut’ of the content in an audio file. Anyone can go online and add closed-captions (CC) to their video on YouTube for free. So why do medical and law groups still use text transcription companies over software? Here are a few reasons:

1) Humans Are More Accurate Than Machines

If you are reading this article you have some interest in closed captions, maybe for a project you are working on, or perhaps you are hearing impaired and rely on the captions to watch a video. If you fall into the primer category, chances are when you watch a video with closed captions; you can’t help but read along, even though you can hear/understand what is being said. The technology has not yet reached a point where the serious content creator would not benefit from the use of professional transcription services.

Benjamin Murphy who is a senior manager with 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP explains, “A human transcriber can use a foot pedal and special software that allows them to slow down, rewind, and stop, etc. with just the tip of a toe. People can pay better attention to detail, and are just more accurate; both of which are highly important to our clients. From there it’s easy to create high-quality closed-captioning for your videos. Properly timed text blocks, and use of grammar are simple tools that make your content more appealing. Those who depend on the ‘written’ word aren’t likely to understand or enjoy your video if the CC doesn’t make sense.”

2) Little Mistakes Make a Big Difference.

Language and communication have always been appealing topics for many individuals. It’s like the difference between someone saying: “Give the dog a bone,” and: “Give the dog a femur.” The direction and intent of each statement seem completely different from each other; yet, in another context, the words “bone” and “femur” could be used interchangeably. Nuance errors can mean the difference between someone connecting with your content, and moving along to the next.

3) Transcription Services Can Save You a Ton of Time and Hassle

It’s easy, this is how it works: You send in any audio or video file; wait patiently (Even though you’re super excited to read it); receive a complete and edited text document for you to use as you please; you pay the monies. It’s that simple!

It can be time-saving and inexpensive to hire a quality transcription company: Save yourself the trouble of figuring out the speech programs; the aggravation of having to plow through all of the technical mistakes; the editing; some places even offer to format to fit your needs, be it eBook, CC, etc.

4) The Document You Receive Will Be Specially Formatted For You.

Some transcription companies will:

• Format the text file to your preferred specs, as documents for articles, PowerPoint, CC, etc.

• Include or omit noises, coughs, descriptions of background sounds, etc.

• Provide editing for spelling and grammar

• Include or omit stutters, and false-starts (‘Ums’, etc.)

• Closed Captions can be professionally added to your videos

How do I choose the right Transcription Company?

There are transcription companies all over the web. You need to shop around and find the one that best fits your needs. Most charge by the minute of audio, which makes figuring cost very simple. The turn-around is how soon your manuscript will be sent to you. Some bigger companies can charge a little extra for quicker turn-around; as fast as 24 hours.

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